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Thread: Katie Holmes: even robots get tired

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    I think Katie just has bad taste in men. Chris Klein's not exactly a prize either. Guess she thought Tom was a big step up.

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    Ya know pictures of Kidman pre Tom Cruise she had meat on her bones and a gleem in her eye. After a few years with him she was stick thin with a vacant look. What the hell is it about him does he steal their soul or something?

    Funny how rumors were that Kris Kline was gay.. then she shows up pregnant and suddenly Toms the father.

    I never knew who Katie was until she pimped herself off to Tom now she's like meh.

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    Didn't she date Josh Hartnett? He's cute. All the others are meh, though.

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    Chris Kline has that Keanu Reeves kinda appeal... I can see him as cute cause I totally rate Keavu Reeves.
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