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Thread: Katie Holmes and Alexander Skarsgard an item?

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    That's funny but quite tame lol. I remember a couple of incidences between guys during after hours drinking sessions that got way crazier in the name of drunken bets - tongues for sixty seconds, cock fighting (!), unfortunates passing out and getting bell-ended...

    Ahhh, memories!

    Edit to add: I was a good girl; the worst I ever did was set the Bloke's feet on fire.
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    he's european! (this covers all possible situations fromwearing a man purse to being filmed embarrassingly nuzzling a friends ass)
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    I like her. I think she is a horrible actress with dumpy legs, but she's relatively harmless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flygirl View Post
    I like her....she's relatively harmless.
    I like that you have standards!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flygirl View Post
    but she's relatively harmless.
    Except for the exposing your baby to a dangerous cult part, but I give her credit for getting out.
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