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Thread: Kate Moss, Lily Allen and Sienna Miller united in grief for Tarka Cordell

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    Quote Originally Posted by nancydrew View Post
    Sienna looks like Tom Petty in that pic.
    About his age too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yanna View Post
    The cultural differences are killing me, no offence. If anyone showed up in red in a funeral here it would mean that they didn't like the deceased. There's even a threat "I'll wear red to your funeral", mostly to husbands who have driven women nuts.

    I don't mean to imply anything to people who have worn other colours in funerals. It's best to do what you feel. It's an utterly crappy day, no need to make it even more depressing. As funeral fashion goes, I approve only of Lily Allen though I don't much care for her silly hat and it depends on the length of the dress. Kate Moss is nice and simple but would have preferred something that doesn't leave so much exposed and Sienna Miller is a joke. Completely inappropriate. Also, wtf? Does she ever eat?
    I have never seen anyone in red or something like that at a funreal either so yeah, it could be a cultural thing.

    Kate has a jacket on her arm, I'm guessing she wore that over.
    Who ordered a naked Swede?? MEEEEE!!

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    Sienna totally knew Kate Moss was going to be there. Hell, she probably spent 4 hours puttting that outfit together just to show up Kate...and still lost! *points and laughs* Haha!!!

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