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Thread: Kate Hudson is pregnant

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    ^I freakin love Cher.

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    It's that almost smile that invites you to share the joke and the joy.

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    Beyond Caring, then hang a left.


    Quote Originally Posted by Charmed Hour View Post
    I have a cousin with 6 kids, 4 possibly 5 different dads. Two boys 11 months apart with 2 fathers and the youngest— the man she said is his dad turned out to be he wasn’t as he had medical records proving a successful vasectomy. Real father, the guy’s cousin.

    That side of my family are a classy bunch. 
    isnt that TLC-worthy??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Novice View Post
    isnt that TLC-worthy??
    yes! the amount of cursing and violence that occurs regularly would be like moths to a flame.

    Her oldest just had baby #2, one month and one day after baby #1. Same daddy but they're only 19. (Younger than her own mother was before she started her brood.)

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    JFC, Hudson. Put your twat away.
    Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

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