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Thread: Kate Hudson & Owen Wilson: Over (again)

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    Seems like Miss Kate likes playing games.
    I'm glad Owen's family stated that they wanted her to stay away from him. Maybe one of them finally got through to him and he acted on their suggestion to cut her loose.

    Congratulations Mr. Wilson, you're a free man!
    "the place you live in is that much more drab and empty that they're gone"

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    I don't even know why I clicked on this link.. yawn.

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    i can't stand kate hudson. i think she's a dumb, fatuous bitch and the butterscotch stallion deserves much better.
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    I think they are both equally bad for eachother, he's a womanizer, she's a manwhore.

    Long live STD's!!!!!!

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    Are we even sure they were back together? Has anyone seen any pictures of them together?

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    Quote Originally Posted by southernbelle View Post
    I really do think that Kate is a big time tease and I think Owen needs to stay away from her.

    I always get the impression that this is all a game to her. She doesn't want him- she just likes knowing that she has him wrapped around her finger. She wants to see how far he'll go for her, how far she can lead him around by the nose.

    I remember reading that around the time of his "suicide attempt" or whatever it was, his family asked Kate to stay away from him, and she pretty much ignored them and continued to flaunt her hold on him. I really hope that Luke makes it clear to her this time, in a way she'll understand.

    I would love to see him publicly calling her out in a magazine article or something.
    Agreed, 100%! This reminds me of a relationship I was involved with indirectly back home - its toxic. I think you are spot on with the type of girl she is, she probably got a rush when she thought maybe he attempted suicide because he was so broke up over her. I thought it was shit when she ignored his family's pleas and got back together with him so quickly. Hopefully he'll come to his senses.
    Women ain't gonna let a thing like sense fuck up their argument. - Chris Rock

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