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Thread: Kate Beckinsale talks Hollywood, and her absolutely perfect husband

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    I liked her in Underworld, I liked how she played her character but as an actress and a person I really can't stand her, the more she talks the more she turns me off.
    He who knows does not speak.
    He who speaks does not know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raspberry gashes View Post
    She married him in 2003. Len was married when he met Kate- and his wife came out and said that Kate seduced her husband right before her eyes and was very nasty towards her.

    Before that she dated Michael Sheen for 9 years - and they had Lily.
    So she's not a fame hungry starlet eh? She's beautiful, but she's completely full of it.

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    I liked her better before. All this 'she's so gorgeous, stunning, beautiful' stuff has really gone to her head.

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