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Thread: Justin Timberlake slammed over SuperBowl "duet" with Prince

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunnygirl View Post
    The most amazing thing I learned about Prince the first day after his death, was listening to a podcast of a interview with Princeís childhood friends from back in Minneapolis and they confirmed what I always suspected about him, was just how generous Prince was to his community and just how much he loved Minneapolis. He gave so much back to his community but never with any fanfare. It was done quietly without the press.. One time there was a fire and this family in Minneapolis lost everything, their house, their belongings, everything. Prince made a few phone calls the next day and anonymously he set up a new place and all brand new furnishings to this family in need. He was really a one of a kind human being. Canít beleive we are coming up on 2 years without him......
    Which is how it should be done, whether it's by a celebrity or non-celebrity; I hate when someone performs a good deed and then is all "Look what I did!", and then sits back waiting for praise...
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    I had tweeted during the show something like, "Turns out, Timberlake needed Janet Jackson's titty to put on a memorable halftime show."

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    JT was a snoozefest. As a gal who lived minutes from Graffiti Bridge and grew up on Prince sightings it was crap.
    He also went solo but "his" band nope.
    And the outfits ugh.

    Anyway we miss Prince Minneapolis doesn't have much but we love who we have/had. Prince was ours.
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    Minneapolis has the best Children's Museum!

    At least, they did almost 25 years ago when my boys were little. We lived there for three years while my husband went to law school.

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    JT owes his entire post N'SYNC career to ripping off black artists (music and clothing!)
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