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Thread: Justin Bieber wants to fight Tom Cruise

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nevan View Post
    Tom hasn't done PR for a few years, I think he's just laying low other than the occasional movie premiere picture. I doubt he's going to come out to say that he's THINKING about taking Bieber up on his offer. Bieber is just looking for attention!!!
    He took a real hit to his public persona when Katie escaped and he dropped Suri like a flaming turd in favour of his cult. It wouldn't surprise me if he's spending every hour that he's not on set or promoting his films hooked up to the cans trying to improve his tone scale. Instead of waking up to the damage it was doing to him and those around him I think he's thrown himself deeper than ever into the Sci Life. I expect he's quite the delight to be around these days and the stories from escapee's about the punishments that lowly Sci peons went through at his and Davey-boy's hands are nothing compared to what things are like now.
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    My theory is that is exactly why he hasn't done PR in years ... he can't always control the questions and he's bound to be asked about Suri and Scientology ... and there's no answer that he could ever give that wouldn't be (deservedly) torn to shreds and pull him further down in popularity.
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    I remember when Justin Bieber used to work.

    This is what bored rich kids do. This dumb wife of his probably works harder these days.
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