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Thread: Julie Newmar poses in a Catwoman costume at age 74!

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    well done you have a lovely figure.

    and we are all blind.

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    I think she looks great for her age. Yes the outfit is tacky but her body would be the envy of many women half her age and her face, plastic surgery and all, still looks like HER. If I look that good when I'm 74 I'll be very, very happy thank you.
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    You know, I thought I would have gotten a huge kick out of this. I didn't.

    The vibe just isn't right. This would have been a hoot if she had some sense of fun or irony about it, but it seems she's really aiming for the same kind of sex kitten mojo she projected decades ago, and it falls flat, though not because of beauty or aging really. The subjectivity just isn't right somehow.

    Otherwise, she was beautiful then and now, clearly made good choices about upkeep and surgery, and seems to - unlike many PS and fashion victims - know to capitalize on what sets her apart and is unique about her beauty. I hope I do as well.
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    you already know.



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