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Thread: Joseph Gordon Levitt thinks Anne Hathaway is an ‘insufferable snob’ – maybe

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    Well, I meant "clean" doesn't mean it is as is a dick/vag can look STD free and not be. Someone can have herpes and be asymptomatic and not even know they have it or they may think they are safe because there is no outbreak, but it is still possible to get it before the outbreak by the shedding of the skin. And even using a condom people can still contract that shit by the outer parts of their skin touching. And you really think a one night stand will be like, "Oh, I got herpes..." no way, they aren't going to see you again so most probably won't.

    So personally I think it's fucking insane to put your mouth on someone's exposed genitalia that you just met. Things can look fine and then you end up with a permanent STD, imo totally not worth it to get off for one night. But if other people get that shit it doesn't affect me personally, so carry on.

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    Didnt Anne Hathaway say shed rather quit acting and be a carpenter a few years ago?

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    I didn't see any mention of double dipping or sharing chopsticks in the account so the chances of herpes was probably low.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nancydrew View Post
    Pics? Link a bitch!

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    Quote Originally Posted by caramel View Post
    ive done it, plus shaved vag stays suprisingly clean. i hope, most times the level of drunkness is affecting my tasting. one morning i woke up with a terrible taste in my mouth next to this smokin hot girl but could not find her hot after i realized where the taste was from. yikes.
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