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Thread: Jonas Brothers: We're staying virgins until marriage

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    Quote Originally Posted by buttmunch View Post
    Is this supposed to be a good thing? THe Osmonds were always so scary. ANd Donny is a grandfather? Lots of gay men are grandfathers.
    No, not good or bad...they just remind me of the Osmonds in a way. Good religious boys, brothers, and perfect for the tween girl crowd. I was never an Osmond fan, and I despise Donny and Marie even more now.

    And yeah, I know gay men can be grandfathers. But I don't think Donny's gay. (And if he was, I'm sure he's much too repressed to admit it.) He's been married to the same woman since he was 21, has a bunch of kids, and at least one grandchild.

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    Who are they?

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    Please. Wait until one of em' fall in love.

    Deal off!

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    If virginity to them means sticking the dick into a vagina, then they will succeed. If it also means sticking the dick into a sphincter, then they've probably already failed.
    "The most important question in all of human kind is..... would you hit it or not?" ~potato_chips

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