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Thread: Jon Gosselin's nanny alleges sexy times

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    kate must have stopped giving him teh sex.

    i bet he sweats when he borks. ugh...

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    Ah Annika. Until now I had avoided any visualization of him having sex. You've taken my innocense!
    You don't engage with crazies. Because they're, you know, fucking crazy. - WitchCurlGirl

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    Heaven forbid all these fuckytimes make a 9th or 10th kid, eek.
    Enjoy the liquor and delicatessen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cockfosters View Post
    Heaven forbid all these fuckytimes make a 9th or 10th kid, eek.
    I know! Then he'd have to start a separate reality show to support those kids. He could do one called "All My Bastards," where Hailey raises his children spawned on different broads (like Kate 2.0, this babysitter one, and whoever else he's put it in lately).

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    ... so this is why he dates younger/attention desperate whores - he has no game!

    I would think an older, more respectful/able woman wouldnt be suckered in with his BS of inviting them over for an innocent "massage"... and they would realize he has 8 FREAKING KIDS!

    I wouldnt even share potatoe chips with that man!
    Sugar... The real gateway drug

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