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Thread: Johnny Depp Urged NOT to Marry Amber Heard

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    I'm pretty sure we all know an AH in our lives. JD is responsible for his and she is responsible for hers. Period. It is what it is. I do hope that this ends soon and privately so that all parties involved can go on with their lives.
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    personally, i don't care what happens to either of them.

    there's enough drama in the world and this drek doesn't even factor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trixie View Post
    I hear it's pretty easy to get an AK-47.
    A damned sight easier than getting the ban bus to do a drive by apparently!
    Quote Originally Posted by captaincankles View Post
    Anyway, she should ​definitely do jail time for false allegations. It's probably true that she won't, but I am betting they will drop her from DC
    I am guessing that you are not on the sane planet as the rest of us? Lilo gets 30 seconds for a real dui and you think that Ah should get time for false allegations?
    Also, false to whom??

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