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Thread: Johnny Depp: Former Hollywood heartthrob finally loses his model looks at 52

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    Doting, considerate hubby image all the way for Mr Depp for his Misses. I can't remember cheesy articles like these (about why he is selling his boat that *Wookie-Chick* posted on the previous page) when he was with Vanessa Paradis, but well. Oscar voters are supposed to take note, I guess.

    Here's another one. Even though I admit the gesture is nice.
    And I like that Alice Cooper went along, too.

    Emotional Amber Heard sheds a tear as she and her husband Johnny Depp give hearing aids to the needy in Rio de Janeiro

    • Depp and Heard took part in the charity Thursday in Rio
    • It was a joint effort between the Starkey Hearing Foundation and Hollywood Vampire, the band Depp appears in with pal Alice Cooper
    • They handed out 200 hearing aids to children and adults with difficulties

    Johnny Depp took time out of his South American tour with supergroup The Hollywood Vampires this week to help out some locals in need.
    Accompanied by wife Amber Heard, the 52-year-old was the star guest at a charity initiative for the Starkey Hearing Foundation in Rio de Janeiro on Thursday.
    The organization will provide more than 200 children and adults with hearing aids as part of a partnership with the Rock in Rio festival, where The Hollywood Vampires are the headline.
    However the meet became a little too much for Heard, who began to cry while meeting some of the people receiving the devices.

    Overcome: Amber Heard as Daniele Lopes, 32, receives a hearing device in Rio de Janeiro on Thursday. The Starkey Hearing Foundation provided more than 200 people with hearing aids

    Johnny Depp puts a hearing device in the ear of a child while his wife Amber Heard puts a bracelet on her arm

    Depp puts a hearing device in the ear of a child in Rio de Janeiro as part of a collaboration between the Starkey Hearing Foundation and the Hollywood Vampires band

    American actor Johnny Depp poses for a photo with a woman that is receiving hearing devices

    Amber Heard puts a hearing device in the ear of a woman before highly-anticipated performance of Hollywood Vampires on the main stage at the Brazilian edition of Rock in Rio festival

    Heard shed a tear with Daniele Lopes, 32, after the woman became emotional when receiving her hearing device.
    The Starkey Hearing Foundation will then bring some of the fans to the show Thursday night so they can hear music for the first time.
    The organization has provided more than 1.8 million free hearing aids to people in need in more than 100 countries.
    'Hearing connects us to life, our families and to the world around us,' said Bill Austin, founder of Starkey Hearing Foundation.

    Johnny Depp and wife Amber Heard talk with the media in Rio de Janeiro before the concert on Thursday

    Austin continued: 'It's a precious gift, and we are excited to work with the Hollywood Vampires to introduce so many to the world of sound and help them hear music for the first time.'
    A few hours later The Hollywood Vampires took to the stage for Rock in Rio.
    In Rio, the supergroup consisted of the Depp, Alice Cooper, Duff McKagan, and Bruce Witkin.
    Outside of the charity appearance, Heard has been busy roaming around Rio.
    On Tuesday she was photographed exploring the city's Lapa neighborhood.

    On stage: Depp is playing in the band with Alice Cooper, Duff McKagan, and Bruce Witkin

    Alice Cooper strides across the stage at the Rock in Rio concert on Thursday for Hollywood Vampires. Cooper and Depp decided to reunite their band Hollywood Vampires about three years ago

    The couple arrived in Rio earlier in the week.
    Depp has been on the campaign trail recently for Black Mass, the Boston-set biopic on the life of famed gangster Whitey Bulger.
    While performing well at the box office, the movie has received mixed reviews and has come under attack for glamorizing the murderous exploits of Bulger.
    Heard has been accompanying on the red carpet for the film's premieres.

    After performing during Rock in Rio with his superband 'Hollywood Vampires' Johnny Depp and his wife Amber Heard braved the crowd as they exited the venue

    Exit: Depp waved to his fans and shared his unique style with our lenses

    Captured: Adoring onlookers were sure to snap images of the stars
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    No, no, NOOO. Of course he's not the boy's father. Look at the turn ups on his jeans!

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    I'm guessing he was plenty philanthropic when he was with Vanessa, but I sure don't remember any sort of media attention on it. I seriously can't stand the new wife and her naked ambition.
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    It's odd, right? He was super private about things with Vanessa. I think that must have been at her doing because before and after, not so much.
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    Well it may just be a simple "if the tree falls in the woods" type situation---if they're doing charity works, and no one photographs it or gives them attention for it, were they really ever charitable at all?
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    It just looks like a circus though. There used to be pics of Depp occasionally. But it was always him and some kid. Not hordes of paps and an entire staff encircling him.
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    I just wonder what is must be like watching him get dressed in the morning picking out his wear. He just must walk around the house and grab different things and just put them on. All that shit all over him. Just makes me itch looking at it. And shit is random too. Looks like maybe he took old shoes laces and tied them together and made a necklace.
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    Once upon a mere decade or so ago, I would have given anything to jump his bones. These days he actually repels/repulses me, I'd kindly offer him some antiseptic soap and send him back on his stinky ass pirate ship.
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    Quote Originally Posted by *Wookie-Chick* View Post
    Johnny Depp sells luxury yacht to avoid rough seas with wife Amber Heard

    Australian Women's Weekly
    1 day ago

    © Provided by Australian Women's Weekly

    Instead of rocking the boat, Johnny Depp has instead sold his 156-foot luxury yacht to keep the waters smooth with his wife Amber Heard.

    An insider revealed to US Weekly that Heard refused to climber aboard the yacht, dubber the Vajoliroja after Depps former lover of 14 years, Vanessa Paradis, and their kids Lily-Rose, 16, and Jack, 13.

    The ship was purchased in 2007 was a reminder of the Black Mass lead’s past.

    “Johnny loved that yacht. But he bought it for Vanessa,” adds the insider. “And Amber is still jealous of her.

    The movie star and the French signer never married, and separated in June 2012. Later that month, Depp confirmed he was dating Heard and the couple wed in February this year.

    © Provided by Australian Women's Weekly Johnny Depp sells his yacht, the Vajoliroja, which was named after his ex Vanessa Paradis, and their children Lily-Rose and Jack.
    If it was Vanessa s "yacht" why is he selling it?

    My bad... Sold it

    AMPHITRITE Yacht Charter Price (ex. Vajoliroja) - Proteksan Turquoise Luxury Yacht Charter
    Quote Originally Posted by BrickHouse View Post
    I'm guessing he was plenty philanthropic when he was with Vanessa, but I sure don't remember any sort of media attention on it. I seriously can't stand the new wife and her naked ambition.
    He did a lot for Ormond Street Hospital in London (kids hospital)

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    She is far too young to have that freakily frozen crying face.

    The yacht is just the start. I'll bet she's busy liquidising as many of his assets as possible.
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    The yacht name makes me laugh. The VAG-O.
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    Is it Happy Hour yet?

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    It took me a while to realize it was a play on Jolly Roger. As in VAnessa's Jolly Roger?

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    Quote Originally Posted by eeyore0101 View Post
    The yacht name makes me laugh. The VAG-O.
    lol, I know. It looks like some fancy play on Vajay-jay.
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