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Thread: John Mayer's confessions

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCkissesx View Post
    I think he has a great voice. It's such a shame I'm really starting to dislike him, because now I'm not into listening to his music - but I will get his next tour DVD.

    He's like that in all of his shows. He banters, stirs up the audience and talks shit. I wouldn't take the animal maiming thing seriously.
    It's true. I really love his music.... been listening to it for a few years now... and I mildly appreciated his sense of humor initially but now it just seems like he's doing it to be facetious. What a waste, huh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shuisfan1234 View Post
    Since when are their girls named Ashton? I have NEVER heard of one, and I have heard some of the worlds worst names and Ashton as a name isnt even bad, but if you want to be technical, that isnt his real name. Its Christopher. Ashton is a middle name.

    I choose Ashton over John Mayer in a heartbeat. Ashton is at least funny sometimes, and while I doubt he and Demi will be together by the end of 2009, he's with someone 15 yrs his senior and dosen't blog about sexual details like that asshole Mayer.

    He will drop the Chin in 6 months or less, she will be so caught up and blindsided, but it will happen. I do think the Brangie and their constant fucking, adopting and having beautiful spawns is BUGGING her. She pretends its not, but it probably is. I bet she does want marriage, just so she can have someone everyday and have a hit movie career. We know the latter wont happen though.

    I think she looks her age, she has a good body but her face is truly average. She is the most famous John has ever scored. Not the prettiest. Or even the richest. I think Cameron has more money then she does. He was just using her, Jessica and Minka for some publicity. Now its Jennifer turn, he must be killer in the sack. But no way this dude is going to marry her unless there is no prenup involved. Then he can get half her money, then dump her for someone his age or younger and blog about how she is "clingy and pathetic". Just a matter of time.
    alrighty then.....
    I never met a guy named Ashton and I think as DB's go he wins even over John. He was "in love" with Britney Murphy until something better came along.. and she did.

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    There's nothing Jennifer Aniston can do to avoid weekly staredowns with Angelina.

    no there isn't b/c the media keeps it going. I think that Jennifer or Angelina could care less but feuds sells magazines so the manufactured feud is in our face 24/7
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    I can't stand this guy. He's so obnoxious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrsDark View Post
    I know I'm about to start some shit, but I think she still dies a little bit on the inside every time Brad breeds.
    I think she could care less. She looks to me like she has moved on with her life. It is jmo but I don't think she would ever want to go back to Brad and is probably very happy without him. Just like he seems to have moved on as well. It is the media that doesn't seem to have gotten the memo. I don't think she is going to be with John long but in the meantime she looks like she is just having a good time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by viggofan View Post
    I don't think she is going to be with John long but in the meantime she looks like she is just having a good time.
    Eh, that's my thought too. And I can think of worse ways to spend a summer than having a hot fling and joining your young musician boyfriend on tour.

    It actually sounds pretty damn good to me.

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