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Thread: John Goodman on his awkward Kristen Wiig encounter, and other thoughts

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    Quote Originally Posted by panic View Post
    yes! and i liked him as fred flintstone.
    My other half LOVES the Flintstones and has to watch it whenever it is on. He thinks they couldn't have picked anyone better than John Goodman to be Fred.

    Quote Originally Posted by GoldenGirlie View Post

    I can't with Kristen Wiig. The only time I liked her was when she was on SNL. And the two movies I've sen her in, Skeleton Twins and Bridesmaids, her characters was too "all about me". Turned me off.
    I've only seen her in Bridesmaids and I thought it was crap. I kept wondering when all the laughs were supposed to start and yes, I found her "all about me" character irritating.
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    Quote Originally Posted by o0Amber0o View Post
    He seems like a really down to earth kind of guy - also doesn't sound like he gives himself enough credit. He may not be making $20 million a movie, but he once was a household name and still continues to be easily recognizable and secures good roles - he obviously has proven he has staying power in the industry.

    Also, I only know who Kristen Wiig is because I've seen Bridesmaids 1000 times - other than that, what has she done to be so worthy of snubbing John Goodman?
    Yeah, I for sure have no fucking idea who this woman is. But if Goodman thought he was in the wrong then probably was interrupting.

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    She's from SNL.
    See, Whores, we are good for something. Love, Florida

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    He was interviewed on the Today Show this morning for 10 Cloverfield Lane, and it was awkward. He clearly hates promoting his projects to the point of it looking like it is painful for him. I feel bad for him. It's a tough industry when you have social anxiety and must put yourself out there. It's different when you are in a protected environment when filming.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SHELLEE View Post
    She's from SNL.
    Wiig singlehandedly made me quit watching SNL after 30 years. Couldn't/can't stand her incessant mugging and scene-hogging. Ugh.

    I adore John Goodman.
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    this makes george clooney and matt damon sound like the smug assholes i expected them to be.
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    I like Wiig but I would ran her over with my bike for a chance to talk to John Goodman.
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