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Thread: Joe Jackson Had A Stroke And Three Heart Attacks

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    Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.
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    Dead yet?
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    Joe Jackson suffered stroke after 'taking 3 Viagras' in Sao Paulo, Brazil | Daily Mail Online

    EXCLUSIVE: Joe Jackson, 87, suffered stroke after 'taking three Viagras' in Brazil (and when he was having his life saved in hospital he ordered the party to go on)

    • Jackson family patriarch was in Sao Paulo when he suffered a stroke and three heart attacks
    • Hours after arriving he was dining with a group of 'voluptuous' young women
    • Recovered in hospital in city and was released today but ordered parties to go on without him as his family and friends visit him

    By Matheus Sanchez For
    Published: 18:44 EST, 4 August 2015 | Updated: 19:00 EST, 4 August 2015

    Joe Jackson suffered a stroke and three heart attacks after a night of partying with younger women in Brazil - amid claims that he took three Viagra pills.

    The 87-year-old flew into the country two weeks ago for a pleasure trip set to include a $200,000-birthday blowout in his honor but ended up being rushed to hospital on the eve of the celebration.
    Now as he recovers in Sao Paulo after being released today from hospital, it has emerged the temptations of the Brazilian party city may have been physically too much for Michael Jackson's father.
    Just hours after his arrival in the country, the Jackson patriarch was spotted dining with a group of ladies including a voluptuous – and much younger - woman at an upscale restaurant.
    Two days later he hit the town once again with the attractive redhead and other women, and was said to have been out until the early hours.

    Party here: Before he had his heart attack, Joe Jackson seemed determined to enjoy Brazilian life3

    Visit: Joe Jackson and French singer Angelina Silitti visited the Brazilian soccer club Corinthians' training center in Sao Paulo shortly before he suffered a stroke

    He was 'feeling unwell' the following day - July 26 -, according to his representative, and was eventually taken to hospital for what turned to have been a stroke.
    It was followed by multiple cardiac arrests – including one where his heart stopped for 10 seconds – that led doctors to fit him with a pacemaker.
    But the story of how he got there appears to be much more salacious than anyone would imagine.
    According to a local newspaper, the octogenarian 'overdid it' on his second big night out with his lady friends.
    As they visited a number of bars and restaurants, he is said to have mixed the local cocktail of caipirinha - made with Brazilian sugarcane rum – with other drinks.
    But the 'bigger problem' was that he also had taken 'three little blue pills' for erectile dysfunction.

    'It was too much for him and he suffered a stroke,' continued O Diario de Sao Paulo, adding that his entourage was left 'shocked' by the incident.
    An even more colorful version of Jackson's antics was reported by a well-known celebrity columnist.
    He was visiting an area of Sao Paulo known for low-rent prostitution when he took the Viagra pills, according to Leo Dias, from the O Dia tabloid.
    Jackson's PR assistant Lisa Crazy, however, denied the reports.
    She said: 'He sleeps early and doesn't take medicine without prescription. Nothing of this story is true.'
    'This did not happen,' said his rep Charles Coupet.

    Recovery: Jackson was taken to this hospital is Sao Paulo for treatment after suffering a stroke and three heart attacks. His spokesman tells Daily Mail Online he was 'between life and death'

    Concern: Joe Jackson's personal assistant Charles Coupet and friend Rutt Premsrirut, along with family members, stop by Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo. He was released from it today.

    Father: Joe Jackson and Michael leaving the singer's trial for child abuse at Santa Barbara in March 2005 which ended with his acquittal. Jackson snr was promoting other family musical acts in Brazil.

    'It's normal that they talk about him wherever he goes,' he added.
    'He had a headache, took some medicine, and it went away. But afterwards he wasn't feeling well. It was then that we decided he needed medical exams. He had to be rushed to hospital.'
    He added: 'He was between life and death. He had three cardiac arrests. The first lasted 10 seconds, the others, four seconds each.'
    Either way, Jackson ended up missing his lavish party, which went ahead on his request.
    The women accompanying him are dancers who form part of his entourage, local sources said.
    According to a report, they dance for him to soothe his notoriously explosive temperament – and nothing else.
    Jackson continues his recovery after being released today from the Albert Einstein Hospital, where superstar daughter Janet is said to have come visit him. His son Jermaine was also present.
    His two-week trip has been indefinitely extended as doctors monitor his progress.
    Coupet has insisted he came to the country to celebrate his birthday with friends, although other reports say he was trying to negotiate deals for shows for The Jacksons, a band featuring his other sons.

    Joe Jackson suffered stroke after 'taking 3 Viagras' in Sao Paulo, Brazil | Daily Mail Online

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    He's such a disgusting pig.
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    I don't understand who or why any self respecting chick would fuck this nasty old coot.
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