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Thread: Joan Rivers The 2 Chicks Held Hostage in Ohio Should Lighten Up

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    These women have been traumatized; I would have thought twice about making jokes about them. Notice she seldom makes jokes about the royals, 'cause she is friends with them...
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    Joan R. is a tragedy unto herself. I'd have been pleased if the women from Ohio had responded by calling her an irrelevant, unfunny, desperate fossil.
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    I wonder how Joan would feel is people publically mocked her husband's suicide?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinola View Post
    I'd have been pleased if the women from Ohio had responded by calling her an irrelevant, unfunny, desperate fossil.
    I'd have laughed if they'd responded with, "Who?" There's no better fuck you to a narcissistic celeb.
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    I feel she cannot apologize for crossing a line when she feels as most comedians do there is no line .Funny is funny. This time she was not so funny. She may accept responsibility for that. Also how can you demand an apology? It must be given freely or it is worthless.

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    I think Joan is extremely funny. But that doesn't mean everything she says is funny. If we take offense at all the jokes that ruffle our feathers, we'd have no comedians left. Not for long, anyway. A lot of humour is at the expense of someone else. As a rule, I don't like cruel humour, although sometimes it takes me by surprise and makes me laugh anyway. That said, this didn't tickle my funnybone at all. It doesn't mean I think the woman should be hung out to dry. She made a joke, it wasn't funny; she'll learn from it. Being a comedian is a lot harder than being an actor - you're responsible for your own script, and the line you try not to cross is a constantly moving target. I wouldn't fancy her job, no matter how much money she makes.
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