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Thread: Jenny McCarthy calls Bulls***!

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    My cousin is autistic. He is 22 now and attending college ,where he is on the Dean's List. He is tall,dark and very good looking.He is a computer genius who can never,ever live alone. He gets obsessed with things-right now crime stats-and cannot let go.Both of he parents are doctors. They are divorced. What caused this? We don't know. Just a stark tragedy,and yet he is thriving-in his own way.Maybe it will turn out to be some combination of his parents genes, plus a dash of insecticides and cows on antibiotics and hormones-who knows. At least he is happy in his own world,with so many friends that have been with him since kindergarten-young,loving,accepting friends. He has a life. With no vaccinations, he might have died long ago with measles or diptheria. Would that have been more merciful? I cannot say-but I know he is enjoying his life and even his obsessions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Corsair View Post
    My son was 2 years 9 months when he was diagnosed, after me going to my pediatrician telling him something was wrong, and being told I was an "over-anxious" parent, and that maybe I should take parenting classes (which conveniently were done by his wife). He got into intensive home therapy (Lovaas) as well as speech, O.T., adaptive P.E., play therapy. I was very lucky, as after he got into the home program (30 hours a week) it became much harder to get. I tried to get involved with a local parents group but they were so militant and angry and looking to blame, I dropped out and don't have anything to do with them. I didn't have enough energy for that on top of trying to deal with everything at home.

    Tulip how old is your son?
    He's 8.

    How old is your son now?

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    14, going to high school next year. A bit nervous about it, but he's done great so far with being included in regular classes.

    *crosses fingers and toes!*
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