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Thread: Jennifer Westfeldt, child-free with Jon Hamm: “We have a pretty great life together”

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    Quote Originally Posted by witchcurlgirl View Post
    Because that's what all men secretly want, innit? baybeez.
    No. But I know a lot of people who were in long-term relationships and swore they had no interest in getting married or having kids. Then that relationship ends, they meet other people, and the next thing I know, I'm buying wedding gifts and going to baby showers.

    "All this time I thought he didn't want to get married. But the truth is, he didn't want to marry me." -When Harry Met Sally
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    and then on the other hand, some people just don't want to marry and have kids.

    All of God's children are not beautiful. Most of God's children are, in fact, barely presentable.

    If I wanted the government in my womb I'd fuck a Senator

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    While I think she is a talented actress and writer and shit, I just fucking cannot get past that face. She looks nothing like she did in Kissing Jessica Stein. The one time I watched Grey's Anatomy, she was guest starring and I was fascinated looking at her face---it DIDNT MOVE. And she was 'in labor' during the episode, so it was super obvious she'd had a ton of work done.

    And yea, bitch is banging Jon Hamm. Good god I am so jealous. Hot damn, its Jon Hamm!

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    Jon Hamm Says He Would Not Be A Good Father

    ‘Mad Men’ star Jon Hamm says it’s a good thing he and his partner of 14 years, Jennifer Westfeldt, do not have children. He doesn’t think he’s father material.

    “I’d be a terrible father! I see my friends who have children and I’m like, ‘Dude, how are you even upright, much less here at work at 6am?’”

    You just do it, Jon. You just do it. But while Jon’s glad he doesn’t have kids himself, he still has a soft spot for co-star January Jones’ son, Xander, saying he’s “cute as a button!”

    Jennifer, who co-starred along with Jon in ‘Friends with Kids’ as well as directed the movie, feels the same way.

    “I’ve thought about this a lot lately. I never thought I’d be this age and not have kids. But my life has also gone in a million ways I never anticipated. I kept feeling like I’d wake up with absolute clarity, and I haven’t. And we have a pretty great life together. The chance that we’ll regret it doesn’t seem like a compelling enough reason to do it. I may wake up tomorrow with that lighting bolt, and I’ll have to scramble to make it happen.”
    can't post pics because my computer's broken and i'm stupid

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    Cute as a button? Really now?

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    So... Jon Hamm's the father?

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