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Thread: Jennifer Lopez is on track for her fourth wedding

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    Quote Originally Posted by funky_chicken View Post
    I know people that are in the bodybuilding / fitness scene and they told me that moobs on a former athlete is a telltale sign of anabolica and the sorts. Something to do with the estrogen level because you can't boost your testosterone without the estrogen. And when you're a male and stop taking those testosterone-boosters, the testosterone level will increase again, but the estrogen level will stay higher than usual. They would have to take something especially to lower the estogen as well. That's how I understood it at least.
    They didnít call him a-roid for nothing.
    Iím surprised he didnít get boobie lipo though, given how obviously vain he is.
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    Maybe he'll get it before the honeymoon pics.
    I have some famous friends and I have mostly not famous friends.

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    Sorry I've already posted this comment before, but one time we were at a game he was playing and anti-arod fans were chanting "Beat the ball like you beat your wife!" Would have been late 90's to early 2000.
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