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Thread: Jennifer lopez and Mark Anthony had dem babies

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparkly View Post
    And I'm happy the babies are safe and healthy. I just hope she doesn't raise them to be little Paris Hiltons.
    Nah. Leah Remini is already recruiting to have them raised as $cientologists. Poor innocent little kidlets.

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    I think she probably had them vaginally because I can't imagine a scheduled C-section that late at night. She probably used a high risk doctor who would be experienced enough to allow a vaginal delivery for twins. It's the regular OB's scared of malpractice that are quick to do C-sections. If the first is head-down, they usually allow a woman to deliver vaginally. Maybe she didn't want the c-section scar. And if she's friends with Leah Remini maybe it will take her FOREVER to lose the baby weight.

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