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Thread: Jennifer Lopez awarded $545,000 in suit vs. ex

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    True J.Lo did sleep her way to where she is in her career. But at least she had a plan!

    This douche has never done anything with his life but waiting tables...even after they got divorced he was still a waiter/manager for one of J.Lo's restaurants until he tried to extort money from her a few years back then she fired his ass. His only life plan was to be a waiter and suck money out of her. Way to aim high, dickhead!

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    Quote Originally Posted by curlysem View Post
    noway!! for some of us, we know she's a slut, and slept with so many men to get where she is now... she doesnt want her "nice innocent life" to be ruined!! I could just throw dirt at her! I cant stand her.

    I'm not disputing how she got to where she is. What I have a problem is with this:

    "In 2004, Noa sued Lopez for breach of contract, saying she lured him into taking a $1,000-a-week managerial job at her Pasadena restaurant, Madre's, then fired him five months later.

    Noa settled the case for $125,000 in October 2005 and agreed not to disclose information about their relationship or disparage his ex-wife, according to court documents.

    Lopez's suit claimed Noa's book plans breached that agreement.

    Noa's unpublished, ghostwritten book claims that during the time of their marriage Lopez had multiple affairs, including one with her third and current husband, Marc Anthony, according to court documents.

    Noa offered not to publish the book in return for $5 million, her lawsuit alleges."

    He sued her once, didn't get what he wanted, wrote a book KNOWING that it was against the agreement he made, and then said that if she gave him $5 million he would drop the book plans.

    If that's not extortion, then I don't know what is ...

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