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Thread: Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, More Celebs Have Alleged Nude Photos Leak

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    I hate that this happened to them, no-one deserves this kind of breach of privacy. But what I hate more is the slut-shaming attitude around some places. Is it really so backwards in some parts of the world that they think sexuality is a dirty dirty thing? Like, do some adults not understand that sex is a perfectly normal thing to do, and that encompasses shared intimate photos between couples? I just don't get it. I really don't.

    There were some naked guy pictures in the album too btw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bombshell View Post
    So...I can't seem to find them anywhere. Anyone have an active link? Yes, I'm a perv. I wanna see what all the fuss is about.

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    I don't think the nude photos reflect poorly on the people in them. I do think the person invading the celebrities' privacy and posting them is a piece of shit, and the countless guys talking about fap marathons or how the stars are clearly sluts for taking them so it's ok to objectify them are fucking disgusting. There's nothing wrong with the content of the photos; what's wrong how they were acquired and the reactions of the "audience". I get that people don't usually look at nude pics for artistic analysis, but seriously, most of the comments are degrading as hell.
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    FYI, link is gone, comes back to a server error when I click.
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    I'm always late to the party. I didn't see any either.

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    Only Twitchy can find them now.
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    That may explain why she hasn't been around too much lately.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kittylady View Post

    They don't look like casting couch to me at all. They look more like "separated from a lover and sending something to remind him what he has waiting for him" shots.
    Would you be calling "casting couch!" if there was a massive leak of male celebs dick pics?
    Nope, she's on a couch, and it's very unlikely she has one of those in her own home, so it must be a casting couch. And obviously she enjoyed the casting couch so much that she wanted sexy photos taken with her own phone so she would always be able to remember the occasion.

    On second thought, your scenario makes a lot more sense.

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    This link is working, for the moment:

    We all like to think we're so special. But in the end, we all do the same stupid shit. - Dennis Miller

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    I don't think Lawrence's were casting couch photos. Someone on either Gawker or Jezebel made the connection that a few of the women - including Lawrence - were either exes of or friends with Nicholas Hoult. I wouldn't be surprised if it was his cell phone was one of the phones that was hacked (or his "cloud data") and some of the pics taken from there.

    The Scarlett Johansson hacker got 10 years in jail - the person (or people) who hacked these will probably get more, especially since some of the photos are of celebrities who are under 18 - so they may be looking at kiddie porn charges as well.

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    J law looks hot in her pics, her body is banging!
    Victoria justice needs to be put her fucking tongue away.
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    I have seen more of Kate Upton than her gynaecologist right now.

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    Nude Celebrities - Imgur

    I finally looked and must say I have NO idea who most of these people are. Who has the pics of actual intercourse?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sluce View Post
    Nude Celebrities - Imgur

    I finally looked and must say I have NO idea who most of these people are. Who has the pics of actual intercourse?
    I think one is Olivia Munn where you can see only the sports jersey. I'm not sure but the others might be Jessica Brown Findley from Downton Abbey?
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    Continuation of article from previous page.

    Apple under fire after Jennifer Lawrence and celebrities' 'nude' pictures leaked online | Mail Online

    iCloud secures data by encrypting it when it is sent over the web, storing it in an encrypted format when kept on server, and using secure tokens for authentication (explained above). This suggests the hackers were able to obtain the login credentials of the accounts, and pretend to be the user, in order to bypass this encryption

    4Chan is an image-based forum where users can post photos and videos anonymously, as well as comment on others' posts.

    Registration is not required, nor possible.

    The site is split into various boards, each with their own specific content and guidelines.

    These include content on music, photography, gaming, comics, fashion and images of celebrities, such as Jennifer Lawrence.

    Its main board, called 'Random', features minimal rules on what can be posted. It is often where controversial images and videos are uploaded by users.

    When it launched in 2003, the site was used to post photos and discuss Japanese anime.

    However, it quickly expanded, and is now linked to various internet subcultures and activism.

    It has also been linked to a number of high-profile hacks.

    In 2006, users of 4chan and other websites 'raided' American white nationalist Hal Turner by launching multiple attacks and prank calling his phone-in radio show.

    Meanwhile, in 2008, the Yahoo email account of Sarah Palin was hacked by an anonymous 4chan user, before posting her password and screenshots on Wikileaks.

    This followed criticism of Palin supposedly using private email accounts for governmental work.

    And in May 2009, members of the site attacked YouTube, posting pornographic videos on the site

    Following the publication of the photos, a spokesman for oscar winner Lawrence confirmed to MailOnline the images of her are genuine.

    'This is a flagrant violation of privacy. The authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence,' the emailed statement read.

    On Sunday, the hacker wrote that he or she is accepting Paypal donations for a video which allegedly shows Lawrence performing a sex act.

    The hacker also wrote, 'I know no one will believe me, but i have a short lawrence video

    'Is way too short, a little over 2 minutes and you only get to see her boobs

    'Anyways, if somebody wants it let me know how i can upload it anonymously (i dont want the FBI over me, and you dont wanna know how I got this video.)'

    'Jennifer Lawrence' became a Twitter trend on Sunday afternoon.

    Meanwhile, Perez Hilton has apologised on Twitter for posting some of the naked photos of Lawrence on his blog, saying he feels 'awful'.

    The celebrity blogger, who has since deleted the photos from the site, told his followers: 'I acted in haste just to get the post up and didn't really think things through. I'm sorry.'

    He added: 'Upon further reflection and just sitting with my actions, I don't feel comfortable even keeping the censored photos up. I am removing them.'

    A spokesman for Kate Upton sent MailOnline a statement from her attorney, Lawrence Shire, about the leaked photos. 'This is obviously an outrageous violation of our client Kate Upton's privacy,' the statement said.

    'We intend to pursue anyone disseminating or duplicating these illegally obtained images to the fullest extent possible.'

    Actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who confirmed she was a hacking victim, wrote on Twitter 'To those of you looking at photos I took with my husband years ago in the privacy of our home, hope you feel great about yourselves.'

    Mysterious: A spokesman denied that nude photographs of Ariana Grande (left) were published. Hillary Duff was named as an alleged victim, though her apparently 'nude' photos have not appeared online

    Denial: Victoria Justice said on Twitter that nude photos which claim to show her are fake

    She also expressed sympathy for others, tweeting: 'Knowing those photos were deleted long ago, I can only imagine the creepy effort that went into this. Feeling for everyone who got hacked.'

    Winstead implied she was facing difficulties on Twitter on Sunday, when she tweeted 'Great day for the block button!'

    Twitter is shutting down accounts that are disseminating the pictures. In response to a request for comment from MailOnline, a Twitter spokesman said: 'We do not comment on individual accounts, for privacy and security reasons,' and referred MailOnline to the company's content boundaries web page.

    Photographs that allegedly show Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, Lea Michele, Brie Larson, Kirsten Dunst, Becca Tobin, Hope Solo, Teresa Palmer, Krysten Ritter, McKayla Maroney, Jessica Brown-Findlay, Ali Michael, and Yvonne Strahovski appeared online.

    Some of the women named as alleged victims - but who have not had any of their supposedly nude photographs leaked - include Aubrey Plaza, Candice Swanepoel, Cara Delevingne, Cat Deeley, Hillary Duff, Kelly Brook, Michelle Keegan, Selena Gomez, Rihanna, Vanessa Hudgens and Farrah Abraham.

    A spokesman for Keegan, the former Coronation Street actress, said there was no evidence she had been hacked and nothing had appeared online to suggest so.

    A rep for Keke Palmer - who was mentioned on the list but whose allegedly 'nude' photographs were not leaked - told MailOnline 'Obviously there is no truth to this list and no nude photos of Ms. Palmer.'

    Model Gabi Grecko - also named on the list but of whom, no photographs have been published - told Daily Mail Australia: 'I feel like anything I didn't release myself that was accessed without my permission is shameful.'

    'Some people are very private and maybe hugely affected and feel violated because of this. There have also been many suicides connected to non consented photos being released.'

    Meanwhile, Ms Abraham told MailOnline: 'It is disturbing pervert behavior that should face legal consequences.'

    Athletes: Nude photographs of soccer star Hope Solo (left), seen here waving to fans during a Sunday game, and gymnast McKayla Maroney (right) were also allegedly uploaded to the Internet

    Yesterday, Perez Hilton apologied on Twitter for posting some of the naked photos of Lawrence on his blog. The celebrity blogger, who has since deleted the photos, told his followers: 'I acted in haste to get the post up'

    She added she should 'not continue to give further attention' to the 'attention-seeking' move.

    Not all of the nude photographs that have been published are genuine, however.

    A spokesman for Ariana Grande told MailOnline photos that claim to show her are fake. Similarly, Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice wrote on Twitter that her image was faked. She tweeted,

    'These so called nudes of me are FAKE people. Let me nip this in the bud right now. *pun intended.*'

    Justice retweeted a user named @JusticeCosgrove, who wrote 'GUYD [sic] WE ARE SO STUPID THE VICTORIA JUSTICE NUDES ARE FAKE, LOOK. CLEARLY AN OLD PICTURE OF HER EDITED & FLIPPED.'

    @JusticeCosgrove included a selfie of Justice, alongside a portion of her face that was seen in one of the 'leaked' photographs.

    Seth Rogen criticized the hacker on Twitter, writing 'Posting pics hacked from a cell phone is really no different than selling stolen merchandise.'

    'I obviously am not comparing women to merchandise. Just legally speaking, it shouldn't be tolerated to repost stolen pics,' Rogen also tweeted.

    A representative of Brazilian model Lisalla Montenegro said: 'Regrettably Lisalla Montenegro's name is on the list of hacked celebrities. Thankfully nothing has surfaced.

    'In precaution, the authorities have been informed and Lisalla's lawyer will pursue anyone duplicating or distributing these stolen images.'

    A spokesman for Kelly Brook refused to comment on the hack.

    MailOnline has contacted Apple for comment.

    AJ Michalka, American actress, singer-songwriter, and musician
    Alyson 'Aly' Michalka, AJ's sister, also an American actress
    Allegra Carpenter, actress, best known for The Fault In Our Stars
    Abigail Spencer, American actress
    Alana Blanchard, American professional surfer and bikini model
    Alexa Jane, model
    Angelina McCoy, actress, best known for Enchanted
    Anna O'Neill
    Ashley Blankenship, actress, appeared in The Wolf Of Wall Street
    Aubrey Plaza, American actress and comedian
    Abigail 'Abby' Elliott, American actress, voice actress and comedian
    AnnaLynne McCord, actress and model
    Avril Lavigne, Canadian singer-songwriter
    Amber Heard, American actress and model
    Rebecca 'Becca' Tobin, actress, singer, and dancer
    Brie Larson, American actress, screenwriter, director and singer
    Brittany Booker
    Candace Smith, American lawyer, actress, model, and beauty queen
    Candice Swanepoel, South African fashion model, best known for her work with Victoria's Secret
    Cara Delevingne, English fashion model
    Carley Pope, Canadian actress
    Carmella Carcia
    Carrie Michalka
    Cat Deeley, English television presenter, actress, singer and model
    Carly Foulkes, Canadian model and actress
    Chloe Dykstra, actress and model
    Clare Bowen, Australian actress and singer
    Dove Cameron, 18-year-old U.S. actress and singer
    Elena Satine, Georgian-American actress and singer
    Elle Evans, American model and actress
    Ellenore Scott
    Emily Browning, Australian film actress and singer
    Emily DiDonato, model from New York
    Emily Ratajkowski, British-born model and actress
    Erin Cummings, American actress
    Erin Heatherton, American fashion model and actress
    Farrah Abraham, TV personality, author and pornographic actress
    Gabrielle Union, American actress and former model
    Gabi Grecko
    Hayden Panettiere, U.S. actress, model and singer
    Hope Solo, American goalkeeper and two-time Olympic gold medalist
    Heather Marks, Canadian model
    Hilary Duff, American actress and singer-songwriter
    Jacqueline Dunford
    Janelle Ginestra
    Jennifer Lawrence, American actress
    Jessiqa Pace
    Jessica Dunford
    Jessica Riccardi, model
    Jesse Golden
    JoJo, American singer, songwriter and actress
    Joanna Krupa, Polish American model and actress
    Jennifer 'Jenny' McCarthy, American model and actress
    Josie Loren, U.S. actress
    Joy Corrigan
    Kaley Cuoco, American actress
    Kaime O'Teter
    Kate Upton, American model and actress
    Kate Bosworth, American actress
    Kelly Brook, English model, actress and TV presenter
    Lauren 'Keke' Palmer, American actress and singer-songwriter
    Kim West, American TV personality socialite
    Kirsten Dunst, American actress, singer, model and director
    Krysten Ritter, U.S. actress, musician, and former model
    Lake Bell, American actress
    Laura Ramsey, film and television actress
    Lea Michele, actress and singer, best known for her performance as Rachel Berry on the Fox TV series Glee
    Leelee Sobieski, actress
    Leven Rambin, American actress
    Lisa Kelly, American trucker who appeared in Ice Road Truckers
    Lisalla Montenegro, Brazilian model
    Lindsay Clubine
    Lizzy Caplan, American actress
    Mary-Kate Olsen, American actress and fashion designer
    Mary Elizabeth Winstead, actress and recording artist
    McKayla Maroney, artistic gymnast
    Melissa Benoist, American actress and singer
    Meagan Good, actress
    Megan Boone, actress
    Michelle Keegan, British actress
    Mikayla Pierce
    Misty Treanor, retired American beach volleyball player
    Nina Stavris
    Rachel Nichols, American actress and model
    Rihanna, singer
    Sarah Shahi, American actress
    Sahara Ray
    Sarah Schneider, American writer, actress, and comedian
    ScarJo (possibly Scarlett Johansson, actress)
    Selena Gomez, American actress and singer
    Shannon McNally, singer-songwriter
    Tameka Jacobs
    Teresa Palmer, Australian actress and model
    Vanessa Hudgens, American actress and singer
    Victoria Justice, Nickelodeon actress
    Wailana Geisen
    Winona Ryder, American actress
    Yvonne Strahovski, Australian actress
    Alison Brie (U.S. actress) and Dave Franco (U.S. actor)

    Read more:

    Apple under fire after Jennifer Lawrence and celebrities' 'nude' pictures leaked online | Mail Online
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