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Thread: Jennifer Aniston to write tell all book about Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

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    ^^Brad is the blob in this family. Amorphous and totally malleable, he squashes himself into whatever shape his current woman requires of him. Me, I like a man who's his own person.

    OnT, if JA is writing a tell all, she'll screw herself once and for all.

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    i don't know...i mean what could she probably write about the bragenlinas that we don't already know? their lives are an open book.

    well wait...maybe jen might know where manjawlina keep brady's balls....

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    Don't believe this's the Daily Star of the more tackier tabloids over here in the UK. You never believe anything they say...

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    It would be hilarious if she (or a ghost writer) wrote a bio about her life. I can already say I know it would be a giant let down, and nothing more than a book filled with talking about what a great actress she is, and absolutely nothing about what really went on behind closed doors. A total yawn fest.

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