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Thread: Jeffrey Epstein (Allegedly) Commits Suicide in Jail

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    I don't think she has a case. And I guess if she's really suing, she'll have to appear somewhere ....
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    She has a nerve.
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    I always thought that photo of her at In-N-Out (which was apparently set up by her lawyer--the dog in the pics is hers, iirc) was meant to be a message to somebody. Wasn't she reading a book about dead CIA whistleblowers or something like that?

    What a detestable snake she is. Everything she does is creepy. She reminds me of Kevin Spacey with his threatening videos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nevan View Post
    I don't think she has a case. And I guess if she's really suing, she'll have to appear somewhere ....
    She doesn't need a case. She just needs names and a willingness to use them. The suggestion that she needs cash enough to sue the estate will be enough to have plenty of very rich, very powerful people breaking land speed records to get to their cheque books, and she knows it.
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