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Thread: Jeff Goldblum engaged

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    Billy Ocean - Easy Lover. Jeff must be a big fan because his child bride is way too young to know it.
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    Good for her for popping out that giant baby. And for showing us that she still has a giant belly. She'll be back to contortioning herself in a few weeks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by czb View Post
    i'm bumping this thread since i wanted sput to hear it from us first.

    i was watching dave letterman and he had jeff on. jeff announced that his wife was three months pregnant. they brought her onstage from the green room because they wanted her to do one of her bendy poses. i know you're thinking that she sounds like hilaria but she's not. she just did her pose and left. jeff looked taken with her and she seemed the same way.
    Aw! Honeymoon baby!
    Quote Originally Posted by witchcurlgirl View Post
    II hate when people name the kid a nickname. Just a personal pet peeve.

    Cute giant baby,. Congrats.
    Yeah I'm with you on that Charles not Charlie - but hey, their kid.

    they both look very happy, so congratulations to them, I hope that they continue to be so.

    Big kudos to her proper post-baby belly! I'm starting to really like her!
    Is the Jeff's first baby (too)?
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