I don't buy into the whole Beyonce is mentally not there like Britters! I don't think she's a mindless puppet. Sounds more like they want her life to mimic her character in Dreamgirls... Plus, the story of the ugly cheating man with the beautiful wife who won't leave doesn't wash with me... She doesn't need him for her career!! Her brand is already built plus she makes more money than he does with her album sales and concert tickets.. So, I'm jumping all Beehive here by saying they're probably actually liking each other!

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^ Manscaping?

But seriously, I know it's probably unmanly to most men, but I don't know how anyone can stand a big ol' bush of armpit hair. I can't stand it if mine get even a little fuzzy.
I don't like hair nor do I like women who are fuzzy either!