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Thread: Jane Fonda reveals she hid mastectomy bandages at 2016 Golden Globes

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    Quote Originally Posted by MohandasKGanja View Post
    Yeah, I totally mistyped that date. I was working in a video store when I graduated college in 1989. I goofed off part of the summer and then got a real job in the Fall. So, this was actually around 1988-1989.
    I am just now reading this. I worked in a video from high school and part of college, 1989-1993. We rented more Denise Austin than Jane Fonda.

    Strange Brew and This is Spinal Tap were always never in stock.
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    I'm almost 68 and thank God my mammogram & bone density tests are excelllent SO FAR. My mother had a mastectomy when she was in her 70's with no chemo or radiation and she lived another 10 plus years. It can strike at any time, no matter the health regimen, diet, even gender. It's a crap shoot.
    But her growing up in the smog filled Los Angeles air could have contributed. I was there occasionally thru the late 50's to mid 80's and one time in 1970 you could barely see across a tree-lined residential street.
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    Quote Originally Posted by greysfang View Post
    I don't understand why they won't give you a bone scan. Its an easy procedure and the machine for it is in the next room over from where I got my mammograms, so I would do both scans the same day.
    Oh donít get me started about mammograms!!! Because despite having menopaused 10 years ago & then starting @ 50 Iíve still not had one. If I can get an appointment to see my dr (since I moved itís a crap shoot) it takes 10-14 weeks. The emergency appointments are triaged so there is nothing in between. At your appointment you are allowed to discuss *one* thing so Iíve still not been seen about the adhd.... There has got to be a balance between the UK & US but this isnít a working IMO. I guess it doesnít help that I am crap as ďself careĒ so just ignore the minor stuff or go to urgent care in the next town over if itís urgent. Ugh!

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