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Thread: Jan Hooks - SNL - dies at 57

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    Way too young. Sad. And she was from the SNL era I loved the most! Way underrated comedienne. Too bad she didn't parlay it into much outside of SNL. She was funny.
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    This sketch with Alec Baldwin was brilliant!
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    Any word on what she died from?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BITTER View Post
    Any word on what she died from?
    Nothing yet.

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    She was so wonderful and funny on SNL. So sorry that she had passed so young.
    RIP Jan

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    Wow. Far too young to pass away.

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    Touching tribute by Kevin Nealon SNL's Kevin Nealon on His Attraction to Jan Hooks
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    Quote Originally Posted by NoNoRehab View Post
    Here's some vintage ossip: I was told by someone who was close to SNL back in those days that it was widely known Jan Hooks and Phil Hartman had a longterm affair. Supposedly they were in love but Phil wouldn't leave his wife, who everyone on SNL hated because she was a crazy cokehead. People urged him to do so but he said he wouldn't because he couldn't leave the kids with Brynn.

    Brynn eventually went to rehab and was doing well until Andy Dick gave her coke at some party (I think a Christmas party) and she fell hard off the wagon. Of course she then killed Phil and herself. Jan never recovered from the loss of Phil. Jon Lovitz beat the shit out of Andy Dick and Andy was informally blacklisted by the comedy community over the whole thing.
    SNL is doing a tribute to Jan right now and the skit they chose to show is a very sweet and romantic skit between her & Phil Hartman called "Love is a Dream." It made me think of this gossip, and how and why SNL probably chose that particular one.

    You can watch it here:
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