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Thread: Jamie Spears and Kevin Federline opening mexican restaurant?

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    What about Brit's restaurant Nyla?
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    Quote Originally Posted by southernbelle View Post
    I think it might be time to lock the Britney meltdown thread because it's getting confusing. I don't like having to navigate through 200 pages when I want to see Britney gossip or find out if it's already been posted.

    IMO it was good when she was doing something idiotic every 5 minutes, but it's not necessary anymore now that she's not constantly having some sort of ordeal. No other celebrities have one all-encompassing thread, despite having tons of stories (Lindsay, Brangelina, etc), so I think it's time to let the Britney stories have their own threads, too.
    ITA with your post! Yet perversely, am looking forward to another kabillion page Britney thread, in the future.

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