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Thread: Jamie Lynn Spears’ pregnancy center outing

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    you already know.


    we used to have an ugly shitty brown suburban like that!

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    I wonder if she had a miscarriage a few months ago like the rumor was, and now she's just buying time and "trying" to get pregnant again, while wearing loose clothing.

    Tiny girl or not, if she is 7 months there should be a noticeable bump. I only weighed 125 at 9 months pregnant and it was obvious I was ready to pop.

    I see no weight gain or baby bump just a big coat that adds "bulk".

    Wonder if Katie is going to teach her on "how to properly use a pillow" technique?
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    I really don't think she's any more than 6 months along (at the most).

    It's not unusual to not show very much until closer to the end with first babies.

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    When that mag came out.. ??? which one was it? OK magazine???!!!!

    Bij.. is crunk tnight!

    Wasn't she at leas 3 mnths...and thats got to hav been at least 2 months ago..

    she should be showing

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    Quote Originally Posted by southernbelle View Post
    Does Jamie Lynn have braces or something? Her mouth area/teeth are really weird and dark looking. And I love the way the director of the pregnacny center subtly implies that JL was just using it for a photo op.
    Does Jamie Lynn have a brain???

    It amazes me that the Spears family can walk upright! These people are so fucking stupid there should be a law against them breeding!
    vaya con dios

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    Quote Originally Posted by MissVenus View Post
    Does Jamie Lynn have a brain???

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