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Thread: Jamie Lynn Spears preggers!!

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    so is she 3 or 6 months pregnant?
    He who knows does not speak.
    He who speaks does not know.

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    If she were around six months pregnant, it would be getting kind of obvious. She looked pretty thin in the photos with the boyfriend.

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    you already know.


    Quote Originally Posted by CCkissesx View Post
    I was at BH a couple days ago, and you wouldn't believe the amount of threads there were about 'wanting' to be pregnant. There were 16 year old girls posting threads about just having had sex with their boyfriends without protection... I understand these are fans of the fucktard Britney, but it did make me think whether Jamie Lynne's pregnancy will become glamarous to girls who watched Zoey101...
    fucking morons. thats all i have to say. STDs are not something to take lightly and i really think that the generation below me doesn't take them seriously, its almost a badge of honor or something, they get clymidia and dont care i swear! im speaking from personal experience too; it boggles my mind! im still scared shitless of stds and i hope that never changes. complacency leads to disaster. certains STDS LEAD TO DEATH PPL!!!! ugh! and teen pregnancy is an outrage im sorry but it is! teens are not meant to be parents in this day and age, its a big step backwards for society.

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