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For me, two guys living together is not an issue.
For me two PEOPLE living together is not an issue. I shared with my male best friend for years and years and had a blast but there was no "slipping the sausage" going on. In fact I still miss living with the untidy SOB sometimes and secretly harbour hopes that one day we can live next door to each other so I can get the best of both worlds!

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My own husband and his best friend joke about their "gay" friendship all the time, but both are most definitely straight. Franco strikes me as being one of these guys.
I often jokingly refer to the Bloke's best friend as his "better half" and his "bitch". They've known each other since they were five and speak some kind of weird man-speak littered with in-jokes that only they understand. They even finish each others sentences! According to the thinking in that article they must be as gay as the day is long and just very good at faking it with women.