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Thread: Jameela Jamil calls Tracie Egan Morrissey a stalker after Munchausen claims

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charmed Hour View Post
    The research suggests that people have a dysregulation following injury, illness or inflammation. Chronic pain is a huge problem and not enough research is being undertaken for it. You're right that too many physicians fold it into the original illness/injury/disease course or write it off altogether. Interestingly, chronic pain and depression are mutually exacerbating. I feel like many practitioners don't look for root cause-- like chronic pain having such an impact that yeah, you are depressed or that depression is causing physical pain.
    The research has been saying there’s a dysregulation following injury for at least twenty years, which is the amount of time I’ve contended with chronic pain. It says a lot more now, in that we know there is metabolic disruption and quite a lot of other stuff, but even with the etiology still unclear, I actually don’t personally think that a cause and effect relationship has to exist between depression and chronic pain. They could be causally related, but I don’t experience it that way personally and so I would not prefer for a doctor to argue that treatment for depression could resolve the level of debilitating pain I’m talking about. I also find that my mood and thinking can be pretty positive, iow independent of physical condition.

    This is gonna be my last post on the topic, though. I appreciate the discussion and remain interested in what people have to say.
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    Quote Originally Posted by faithanne View Post
    I'm sure they're not common, but in my old job I used to have to summarise thousands of pages of medical records for insurance claims, and the lengths that some people would go to so they could remain in the "invalid role" were insane. Some were clearly malingerers, some suffered from factitious disorders, but despite all the medical evidence saying there was nothing majorly wrong with them, they would still undergo spinal surgery or other invasive treatments, just to keep their families/doctors/insurance companies believing they were truly injured. It was sad and/or infuriating.
    That is really annoying.. I have a surgery that was supposed to have been done within 90 days of my referral. It's been over two years now with a growth on my cervix that will continue to grow while I wait. The doctors really need to do better to control this kind of behaviour. I'm already looking to have it done privately now because I don't feel ok about it being there.
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    ^Because this was all under MACA insurance, they could go through the private system and choose their surgeon.

    Unfortunately there are ways they could justify approving surgery - if they can get a psychologist/psychiatrist to sign off, or if a specialist says the condition will deteriorate if the patient can't/won't take other action. I believe the system has been tightened up (at least in NSW) in the last 5 years or so since I did that job.

    It seemed like so much hard work, and so limiting, to resign themselves to a life of inactivity and dependence on others (not to mention months/years of surveillance, always paranoid about being followed and trying not to forget to limp), just to get a big payout and not have to work. But I can remember wanting to go running every lunchtime just so that I could appreciate my two functioning legs.
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