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Thread: Isla Fisher: My husband is so tall he makes me look like a circus freak

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    Eh that's nothing...I'm 6'3.5 and my ex was 4'10
    "My style is impetuous, my defense is impregnable and I'm just ferocious. I want your heart. I want to eat your children. Praise be to Allah." TEAM MILEY!!

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    Mr.Venue is 13 inches taller and 100 pounds more than me and I love it!! It can be awkward at times, but I love the idea that he can protect me and I feel very safe with him.

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    One word "doggie".

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    I always liked the dress green dress on her. She's so cute. I think her personality, and being able to make an ass out of herself for a laugh, makes her even cuter.

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