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Thread: Insiders Worry Jimmy Fallonís Partying is Getting Out of Hand - Report

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lolita View Post
    Hah Jimmy Fellon - I dont get the fuss with this guy - he is mediocre at best - chat show is the same repeat formula of US evening chat shows follow- with the tired and lame front loaded jokes to begin, flaunting some half baked star trying to flog something maybe a bit of music and throw a host that can read cue cards and you are good to go my friend.

    Fellon always strikes me as a fake smiley guy who has a nasty streak that runs through him and a man that aint too bright. How he has made it to where he is I find incredible as he is so not funny.
    Fallon always strikes me as a bottom
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    Really? I've never gotten that vibe from him at all.
    This seems like a lot of effort just to marry one of the Jonas Brothers. - ChemicalHelena

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