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Thread: 'I'm just an old-fashioned, shy girl,' says Dita Von Teese

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    I'm abit tired of her, she really doesn't do anything worthy of praise. It's always the same thing being written about her.

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    I'd spent a lot of years with a man who was a hermit and that was frustrating as in some ways I was more alone while in the relationship."

    Well he wasn't a hermit when he was filming having sex with an 18 year old covered in blood in his film. UGH. I just don't get what these women find sexy in him. EWWWWWWW

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    I like her.
    Me too. I think she's a lot more honest about what she does than many other celebrities. More power to her!

    I had a friend who used to go out to clubs dressed in little more than skimpy underwear, but was painfully shy up close. She was in a steady relationship, not looking to pick someone up or anything - she wasn't even flirtatious. She just got some kind of kick out of dressing like that, so I can buy the shy statement.

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    I love her. You have to respect her for making a career by her looks and still keeping it together. I mean that I have never read that she would party hard or do drugs. Only negative thing was that marriage to Manson, he is disgusting.

    I can't see why people hate her, because she has never made any stupid statements or tried to hide how she makes money.
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