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Thread: ICE-T RIPS CoCo Over Pics w/ Another Guy

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    Quote Originally Posted by greysfang View Post
    So she's looking for some younger dick?
    She BEST not be looking for a motherfucking thing!
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    Kill him.
    Kill her.
    Kill It.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dean James View Post
    Publicity stunt.
    i'm starting to really co-sign this because last night a promo for their new season was on with coco getting a gig in vegas and worrying that there would be trouble in paradise. just way too convenient.

    the only reason i'm not 100% behind it is that i can't imagine ice letting himself look like a chump over a woman. he's a pimp for god's sake!
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    can't post pics because my computer's broken and i'm stupid

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    Oh hells no Coco! This better be a publicity stunt. I really like these 2 together. A couple of the pics are harmless, but a couple are a little inappropriate.

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    I'm thinking I need to watch their show to see the relationship between these two. You guys got me thinking it may be good.

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    yeah if this weren't a publicity stunt, I can't imagine why she'd willingly pose for photos that make it look like she's on this guy's peen.
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    Ice-T's gonna be pissed ... 'cause rapper AP.9 is now strongly insinuating that he's banging T's wife Coco.

    Of course, T already blasted his wife on Twitter after pics surfaced featuring Coco and AP.9 gettin' all kissy kissy during a night out in Vegas. T said the pics were "disrespectful and in bad taste."

    Coco said the pics were harmless ... and stated that she's "happily married."

    But this weekend, AP.9 was shamelessly trying to breathe life back into the story ... because when he was asked about the rumors he was still bangin' Coco, the rapper looked into the camera like he LOVED the attention and said, "That's a RUMOR? Is that a rumor?"

    He added, "No comment man."

    When asked if he was worried about retaliation from Ice -- AP.9 shot back, "I'm from the hood ... I'm not worried about nothin'."

    Read more:

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    What a douchbag.
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    Yeah, he's signed to Ice-T's record label. A single should drop real soon. Their show is coming on or the new season already started. Free publicity for everybody! Everyone wins! Yay!

    Nothing to see here, folks.

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    From the beginning, it seemed fishy to me. Even if there was trouble in Paradise, why go immediately to Twitter?

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