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Thread: A.I. David Cook's brother died

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    Aw, I hate this for David. I cannot (nor do I even WANT to) imagine what that must be like. I've been kind of a wussy here the last couple days because my oldest brother is going to be working out of state for 6 to 8 months and won't be able to visit during that time. It sucks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DitaPage* View Post

    Absolutely. When people said he was smug, I just never understood it.
    I never saw him behave that way. And he never used his brothers illness to gain votes. I really respected that about him. So sad his brother passed & that he was unable to get there in time. That has to be hard for him.

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    God bless David and his family. I feel really bad for them. I lost my only brother nine years ago and I still miss him so much.
    I loved David last year on AI...he was, IMO, the best contestant the show has ever had. Good looking, talented young man and I LOVED his versions of "Hello" and "Billie Jean".

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