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Thread: Hugh Hefner to Miley Cyrus: Pose in Playboy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bellatheball View Post
    Normally I don't have strong feelings about Heff one way or the other. This is sort of sick though. An 80 some year old dude talking about a naked 15 year old?
    Yeah, I'm not surprised. I don't expect someone with 3 girlfriends all 100 years younger than him, to have any morals.

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    Oh gawd. Pervert. He wishes she could pose now, he is a sicko. Why did he chime in anyway? Oh right. Hes a pervert.

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    I think Hef will outlast us all. He has some damn secret of surviving. He will be 100, asking Jamie Lynn Spears DAUGHTER to pose for playboy! Come on Now! Show us your Legacy! A Little Wider now!

    At least the Hef dosent pretend to be shit else but a nasty ass.

    Yeah but Miley will be knocked up by 18, or washed up doing coke lines off of Lilo and NEEDING that money.

    Hannah Montana franchise might be worth 1 billion, but she is worth less then 5% Disney got that money and she knows it.

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    OMG! I'm shocked that I agree with something that HH said!

    'scuse me... need to go shoot myself!
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    I wish they'd just both fucking disappear. And what's with that picture of Miley, in the first post? Sheesh, cover your mouth, cretin.

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    Hannah Montana empire worth $1 billion?! The Olsen twins' empire doesn't worth as much and they've started 20 years ago.

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    He does this with every under 18 female celebrity it seems. Didn't he say the same thing about Britney when she was a minor? The obsession the public has with teenage girls' sexuality and coming of age skeeves me out in a way I can't fully explain. The countdown to the Olsens turning 18 also made me sick.

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    I really think he is a pervert. I was watching their show today and they all went to Kendra's mom's apartment. She showed them some home videos of Kendra as a child and Hef liked them so much he asked Kendra's mom if he could keep them. It was weird.

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    So ole Hef is already scouting out a 15 year old! I bet her parents are high fiving one another.

    I bet they could put her on the payroll and find her something to do for the next three years til her 18th. Y'know, wash the string bikinis, pass out bunny ears, greet guests at the door.
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