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Thread: Huge star Rachel Bilson threatens to quit Hollywood and start a family/be a housewife

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    Quote Originally Posted by micashell View Post
    This interview took place before his death so I'm not exactly sure how you can say she is dining out on his death. She doesn't mention him at all.
    You are correct

    Michelle Williams was born with a gift for acting, a love of books, and an acute sense of self. While filming in Sweden in the weeks before Heath Ledger’s death, the Oscar-nominated actress and young mother opened up about life and love, with amazing grace.
    I jumped to a conclusion. I needed the exercise. (I also expect the worst from celebrities).

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    Quote Originally Posted by qwerty View Post
    ^^Ted wrote that Hayden was not Toothy Tile.
    He did, but he actually wrote something really ambiguous (I can't be bothered looking it up) which could definitely be interpreted as "he's gay but he's not the guy we're talking about".

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    Huge star?

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