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Thread: Heidi Montag's step brother dies in accident

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    Quote Originally Posted by McJag View Post
    It is the custom, because they have done an honorable thing-no one can do it for free. Getting paid does not make it less.
    If you are reading this in English, not German-thank a soldier.
    There are so many sacrifices made and Airborne troops are among the best. They serve with pride.

    I am the proud daughter of a Warrior-United States Army Officer for 30 years. I know well the sacrifices made.No one goes into the army to get rich. Like police & fire fighters, it is their calling. They deserve respect.
    As usual McJag, your posts are simple and eloquent.
    It's easy to forget the lives that have been lost, and everyday I am grateful to all the men and women across the globe who have sacrificed their lives in the name of democracy. It's far too easy to take our freedom for granted when we've never had to fight for it.

    The poor young man deserves to have his nobility mentioned, and it's a tragedy that he lost his life to such an unnecessary accident. RIP

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    you already know.


    ugh, this isn't celebrity gossip!!!!!!!

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