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Thread: Heidi Montag caught crying on chair that 'mysteriously' appears on sidewalk

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sm0kah0ntas View Post

    What video??? She has a video?? Oh gosh! I wanna c it! I wanna c it!

    Dammit!!! I found it... but none of them will load let alone play maybe it's for the best

    2nd edit: found it! O...My....Gahhh

    I was quite happy living in my bubble of not even knowing who this chick was or what she sung. Now I'm done. That was fricken hideous. What a bimbo to say the least. Boobs and hair , hair and boobs, hoobs and bair. Whatever.

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    What's even funnier is the film of them filming it:

    TMZ Embedded Video

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    I guess the chair was just a coincidence. Yeah, because I see them all the time on the sidewalk. And like her, I pose when I'm crying too. And I also make sure that my makeup doesn't get smudged and I'm wearing waterproof mascara. And whenever my fiance hugs me when I'm crying randomly outside, I make sure he doesn't block my face either. Because having a camera present is what comfort from pain is all about. She must be a magician too, because her multi-platinum selling cd keeps disappearing from her claws, oops I mean her hands.

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    fucking hilarious

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