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Thread: Heather Mills still nuts - flips out at Paralympics official over ski boots

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kathie_Moffett View Post
    I know this is weird,, I mean she loses a leg, she's batshit crazy, everyone loathes her, but bitch really does get out there and try to accomplish shit. Plus her flipouts are always fun. She could teach LeAnn a thing or two about being an entertaining, hardworking nutjob narcissist instead of a boring, lazy, whiny one. You go, Ho-ther!

    p.s. You know, sometime when you're REALLY pissed off, you could just yank off your prosthetic and wave it menacingly at someone, like Britney did with the brolly. Just saying. It's a thought.
    Yes she's definitely driven. She carved a whole "modelling career" for herself out of a handful of photoshoots when she was a prostitute after the accident when she walked into the path of the police bike (which finished his career & left him even more badly injured), from her hospital bed.

    Picture: Heather Mills Launch of the Viva! HOT! campaign held at Speakers' Corner in Hyde Park - Photocall London, England - 19.11.07
    The policeman who crashed into model HEATHER MILLS causing the loss of her leg has denied he was to blame for the accident - claiming she ran out into the road without looking.
    For the first time since the motorcycle accident in August 1993, SIMON OSBORNE, who was then a police officer, has spoken out about the incident - and is particularly frustrated Mills sued the police for negligence.
    Osborne tells British newspaper the MAIL ON SUNDAY, "She sued because the police are easy targets. I was a serving police officer so you expect to get hung, drawn and quartered.
    "My old colleagues are more bitter about what happened than I am," adds Osborne, who had to retire from the force because of his own injuries suffered in the accident, which Heather was awarded $328,000 (GBP200,000) compensation.
    He alleges, "She was running across the road without looking. There were three lanes, I was in the outside lane, and I remember her coming out from behind a bus.
    "She looked at the two bikes in front but she didn't look at me. She was splitting up from her boyfriend and just ran across the road to get away from him."
    25/05/2003 14:17

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    Funny how drama follows her everywhere she goes.

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