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Thread: Heather Mills' lover speaks: She cheated on Paul with me!

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    Too.much.information. Just too much. Go away now, I need brain bleach.
    Women ain't gonna let a thing like sense fuck up their argument. - Chris Rock

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    She should have that stump removed - it's disgusting, lol.

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    Default tacky can you get? What a cliched story. Sex romps The News of the screws, as it's nicknamed, is one big cliche as far as these kiss and tells go.

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    But since Heather is so sue-happy, I'm sure they have something to back it up.
    Hello mother fucker! when you ask a question read also the answer instead of asking another question on an answer who already contain the answer of your next question!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NicoleWasHere View Post
    Stumpy skank!
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