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Thread: Harrison Ford in near-miss at Orange County airport

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waterslide View Post
    I knew someone that had early onset Alzheimer's, and before her family had her checked out (and this is a long, sad saga), she would leave to go to a store you could literally see from her front yard, drive away, and be lost for hours. More than once she got in fender benders with the car. She would get lost riding her bicycle. Unfortunately, she was surrounded by assholes who finally brought her to the doctor and got her diagnosed, but then continued to allow her to drive all over the place at all times of the day and night. It's terrifying to think she's probably still on the road and still has a driver's license, but they don't even ask you about that kind of stuff when you go to the DMV here. The most you'll get is a super easy eye exam.
    Sounds like her family are a bunch of lazy assholes & didn't want to be inconvenienced to have to drive her around or just even pick up groceries & bring them to her. So they'd rather let her drive around, risking her life & those in her path. Nice. They sound like lovely people.
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    My stepdad is mostly bedbound now after his health has continued to deteriorate following two strokes and recent emergency surgery. He still won't let Ma Kitty get rid of the car because he believes he'll be able to drive it again. But in the interests of it being better to be safe than sorry she's still taken the car keys and locked them away, just in case he somehow manages to get himself up and out, even though the chances of that are slim to none. If someone isn't fit to be on the road but can't accept it then those around them need to step in and do what they can to stop them. It's no different in my mind to confiscating the car keys of someone who has been drinking but still thinks they are good to go - you do it for their own good and the good of anyone who may encounter them.
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    Doesn't look like HF will be getting the cockpit keys back anytime soon...

    In newly released audio obtained by TMZ, the Star Wars legend is told his tail number, “Husky Niner Hotel Uniform,” and a personal code of 0214. However, Ford responds by stumbling over his words, telling the control tower that he was flying a helicopter rather than his single-engine plane.
    The 74-year-old actor is also told his radio transmission was made to the wrong tower — rather than switching to the Los Angeles tower, he’s still communicating with the Santa Monica Airport from which he departed
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    Oh man. Not good.
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    Well shit.
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    I know Warren Beatty is giving a lot of wrong answers to questions because he's deaf as shit and still in the denial stage (as was my dad when he started going deaf from old age - I guess it's a men's thing, because all the women in my family were so happy to get hearing aids to get back into the information loop again). But with Harrison, it sounds like it's not a hearing problem, but serious confusion. I hope it's not.
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    So he's banned from flying now, right? Even if it's Calista hiding the keys.
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