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Thread: Gwyneth Paltrow rules out trust fund for kids

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    Quote Originally Posted by southernbelle View Post
    What I find offensive is the idea of multi-millionaire parents CHOOSING to make their kids struggle to make ends meet because they want to "teach them a lesson". I just can't imagine ever putting my child in that position.

    I don't think parents should bankroll their kids throughout their whole lives, but I also don't think that they should make them take out student loans, struggle to pay the bills, or just feel stressed out because of money when they have virtually unlimited funds.

    My dad is one of these parents and it's an extremely stressful and frustrating situation. If I had the money to give my child every advantage (getting out of school debt free, having money to start off with after school for a downpayment on a house, etc) I would do it in a heartbeat.
    ITA! I would love to be in a position to not only help my kids, but my entire family.

    Gwhiney's never spent a broke day in her life..... she's so full of crap.

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    Ok. This is what pisses me off about Gwenyth "the bitch who just wont go away" Paltrow-Martin. First off what if her hubby would like to set up stuff for THEIR kids? He has a nice chunk of change himself. Second, she dosent have to let the kids know at a early age they have money waiting in a fund. She could let them see where there life is going or would like to go, then tell them at 18- 21 (Some people with money still attend colleges) that she has cash stashed away for them and they could do with it, as they wish. One of them might like to travel and see the world,(probably Apple so she can change that awful name) the other might like to just move away and go outside of Hollywood or NYC and use the money for a off campus apt and a nice car. (Moses might want to get away from that name too)

    Not all kids turn out like Paris Hilton, Kimberly Stewert, Nicole Richie or others. I mean look at Blowhan, she came from NOTHING and looked at what she does? Steal peoples clothes, does coke anytime she wants, nobody really wants to hire her and her mom STOLE a lot of her money.

    Britney made ALL her dough herself, (even though she is cleaning up her act) almost blew every dime and wasnt going to have shit to fall back on.

    Gwenyth is full of shit, she had EVERYTHING handed to her. Her father was a famous producer of television, her mom a known actress and big "grappy" as Gwenyth calls him is the one and only Steven Spielberg who can make your fucking career. Also when she got older her bitch ass got a LOT of roles due to who she knew. Like in the movie a "Perfect Murder" (I wish Michael Douglas would have killed her stupid ass in that) they were going with a unknown actress, until her daddy asked Michael to cast her in the movie. He only agreed because he was good friends with her father and demanded that any love scenes, now be cut out of the movie. Since he knew her since she was a child. Plus I think Michael knows she is a pretentious bitch, she was like the ONLY celeb he didnt invite to his wedding to Catherine Zeta Jones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lily View Post
    The point isn't about levels of education. The point is that Gwyneth said "when I was at university." She's American. She's deliberately adopting a British manner of speaking. When you go to a college or university, in America, you say you are in college. Nobody here ever says "when I was at university."

    I lived in England for a year. I love it. It is my favorite place. And I'm an Anglophile, yes, and I can do three different spot-on English accents, but I don't go around acting like I'm actually BRITISH.
    That bony bitch and Madonna both talk like their from fucking England, when Madonna is what from New Jersey? And who knows where Gwenyth is from, but her ass isnt from from no damn England and she didnt start doing this until what like 2003? Just because her husband isnt American dosent mean she isnt. I agree 100% with u Lily, she does it on purpose. Even the REAL people from England like Kate Winslet and Jude Law dont speak like Gwenyth, they will either put on there American accent or speak there natural way, but they dont sound snobbish.

    And no I'm not trying to make double standard for when Kate or Jude use there American accent voices, they said themselves that if there doing a movie that calls for them to be American, they dont like to switch it off because its hard enough.

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