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Thread: Gwyneth Paltrow: Being a mom may hurt a career

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    ^ I agree. So she has money, and her experience is not typical. It's still her experience, she's just talking about it. I think if anything, she does sound grateful here:

    She considers Two Lovers, a romantic drama set in Brooklyn, a shot in the vocational arm.

    "It has given me a lifeline, because I had taken a long time off work," said Paltrow. "Going from being a mother at home for a long time, which was the greatest time in my life, but also feel like an artist again ... that was a gift for me."
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    Quote Originally Posted by crumpet View Post
    FWIW: A middle class soccer mom is more likely to try and help someone from Ethiopia than an obscenely wealthy celebrity.
    Oh, come on. There is no evidence of that at all. It is a biased assumption. I don't deny the ungrateful, entitled bratiness of most of these people. But just because I don't live their experience doesn't make their experience less real, just much less common and attainable.
    I've done A LOT of volunteer work and outreach. Middle class people are far, far more generous in spirit than celebrities. Sure, it's a generalization, but there is a sense of justice and kindness that pervades a lot of people who live hand-to-mouth in the workaday world.

    What did Gwynnie say that was so bad? She said, "It's hard for me." It's bad because it's a lie. Nobody's been a bigger Gwynnie fan than I've been in the past, but she's becoming insufferable. She has no f*cking clue what real people have to deal with, and she never will. Again, that's fine, but she has to stop this act of trying to convince people she knows what it's like to really struggle. She doesn't.

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    I don't see "It's hard for me" anywhere in the article. Maybe my computer is messed up.

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    Gwyneth Paltrow: Being a mom may hurt a career

    long story short - what hurt her career is her big mouth

    she is not the only mother in Hollywood and they all took time off to be with their kids. Meryl Streep comes to mind. AND Gwenny was not away from Hollywood for any length of time. She needs to face facts, she is not that good of a actress - she can emote some sad faced Brit as in Emma but she does Emma in every movie. She gets good roles because Steven Speilberg is her Godfather and her parents are icons in Hollywood.

    Let us not forget it was her choice to "stay home - rolling eyes and stating *as if*"

    the preened, pampered puss needs to stuff it

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