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Thread: Guy Fieri Brawls with His Crying Hairdresser While the Paps Look On

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hopper View Post
    I cannot believe you people think Guy is gay horrible gaydar, his wife and kids are on his show all the time and he doesnt like gays he likes to be warned before he goes into gay restaurants.
    And everyone knows gay guys never have wives or kids. And of course, closeted gay guys are never ever outwardly homophobic.
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    My daughter is going to be devastated by this news.

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    I'm so tired of this douchebag. He's Number Two on my "I Can't Stand Rachael Ray and ... " list.

    Although I do LOVE watching the commercial for their show's new season - it's like the bitch gots arms for the first time and she's not sure what to do with them.

    And who has tits that sprout from their collarbones? She's gotta be an alien.

    But back to The Douchebag .... he's a denier - that was a gay lover fight if ever I've seen one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hopper View Post
    Um thanks
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    i didn't really know who this guy was but i've seen pix of him and totally thought he was gay.

    as for the fight, his hairdresser definitely had hurt feelings. total lover's quarrel. i mean when i watched it i thought that's what it was then i read later he's married? eeek.

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    It sounds like someones heart has been broken.
    Jack I swear.

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